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How to Install a Wall Mural

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Common Install Questions:

Are wall murals "do-it-yourself"? 
Wall murals come in 8 easy-to-hang panels for installation. All you need are basic wallcovering tools, and a spare evening. Each mural comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and paste. By carefully following some basic steps, you can be enjoying your mural in a short period of time.
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What do I need to know before I begin hanging a wall mural?
First identify the wall surface. It should be smooth, and free of irregularities. You should not use sizing or any other wall prep/primer. Doing so will cause adhesion problems. The ideal surface is an inexpensive flat latex paint. If you're unsure of your existing painted wall, we recommend 2 coats of flat latex. If the existing paint is a gloss or semi-gloss, use a medium grit sandpaper to roughen it.
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What if my wall doesn't have a smooth surface?
If you have a textured wall, wood-paneled wall, wall made from cinder block, or any other rough surface, we recommend the installation of a "liner paper", followed by 2 coats of flat latex paint. A liner paper is simply a blank wallpaper which covers irregularities in the wall surface.
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Will my wall be damaged when I remove a wall mural to redecorate?
The adhesive we include with each wall mural is a "dry-strippable" adhesive. If installed correctly, your wall will not be damaged. This makes wall murals an excellent choice for decorating apartments and dormitories.
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Can I install a wall mural in a bathroom or other high-moisture area?
Yes, if certain precautions are taken. The installed wall mural must be coated with a water-based polyurethane (several light coats) to protect it from moisture after installation. In addition, if you suspect moisture exists behind the wall, an adhesive containing a mildewcide should be used.
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What if my wall is too small?
Wall murals are trimmable. Certain designs can be trimmed quite a bit without losing too much of the overall design. All murals can be trimmed to an 8-foot height, which is a standard residential ceiling height. You can also go around inside and outside corners for a special effect.
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What if my wall is too large?
Simply center the wall mural on your wall. No special frame is necessary. If you prefer, wood finishing trim such as that found around doors and windows can give the illusion of an opening in the wall or a larger, framed work of art.
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Printed Instructions

Download the installation instructions that come with each mural.

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